What is IAS : How To Clear IAS Exam and Become an IAS Officer?

  1. What is IAS?
  2. How to become an IAS officer?
  3. Civil Services Examination(CSE)
  4. How to Clear Civil Services Exam?
  5. IAS Coaching
  6. Books needed for Civil Services Exams

What is IAS?

IAS is the short form of Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the prestigious services among the 24 services like IPS, IFS etc for the which the UPSC conduct Civil Services Examination for selecting the candidates.

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How to become an IAS officer?

Getting into IAS is not easy, but not impossible for a candidate with right attitude and approach. The exam to be undertaken is known as UPSC Civil Services Exam – which consists of 3 stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Civil Services Examination(CSE)

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is the government agency responsible for selecting the right candidates for this service. Every year only around 1000 candidates are selected for all the 24 services combined. The number of candidates who applied for IAS exam was nearly 9 lakh in 2014, out of which around 4.5 lakh candidates appeared on the exam day.

This exam is widely considered as the toughest exam in the world, considering the exam duration (extends 1 year), depth of syllabus and the competition involved. The first stage of the exam – Preliminary (objective) – is usually conducted around August, while the second stage, Mains (written), is conducted around December. Those who clear Mains will have to face interview/personality test during April-May period. Final results usually come in June.

How to Clear Civil Services Exam?

To clear IAS Exam, aspirants are advised to have a long-term strategy. Though most of the serious candidates start preparation 9-12 months before the exam date, there are candidates who successfully achieve top ranks with only a few months of dedicated study. A disciplined  and focused mind with a passion for learning and reading is the basic trait of all successful candidates. The IAS exam is more a test of the analytic and presentation skills along with knowledge gained by the candidate rather than a test which checks candidate’s mathematical or verbal skills.

To clear IAS, we feel two entities as essential:

  1. Right Guidance – for prelims and mains.
  2. Right Study Materials and Books.

ClearIAS.com is a humble attempt to provide aspirants with these two basic entities.

IAS Coaching

Classroom IAS Coaching is adopted by many students for proper guidance and ease of materials for learning, though it is not a must for clearing IAS. Now websites like ClearIAS.com provide guidance outside the classroom coaching and free online IAS study materials for those who can’t afford it due to time/financial constraints.

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Books needed for Civil Services Exams

Links are given in this website about the recommended books needed for civil service exams.

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Hope you are now clear about what IAS is. IAS exam preparation strategies and online study materials are regularly updated in this website. Make the best out of it. Wish you all the best!

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