Schedule of Clear IAS Online Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims 2015

Clear IAS online mock test platform for UPSC Prelims was opened to public registrations on June 27, 2015, ie. just about a month back. Thousands of users have registered within a short span of time making this initiative a huge success. Our high-quality questions similar to UPSC standards integrate learning with test-taking, making the whole IAS preparation affordable, interesting and fast. This is a crucial milestone in our journey towards a comprehensive self-study package for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

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Unique features of Clear IAS Prelims Online Mock Tests

  • High-quality questions similar to UPSC standards which help you learn faster.
  • Pan-India platform to learn and compete with thousands of aspirants real-time.
  • Instant access – you may take our mock exams from laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • 15 full-length prelims mock exams with timer and negative marking.
  • Detailed answer key and performance analysis as soon as the exam is over.
  • Available as a complete prelims mock exam package OR as separate mock tests!

Clear IAS Exam: UPSC Prelims Online Mock Tests

Schedule of Clear IAS Online Mock Tests for Prelims 2015

We upload tests sticking to the below schedule, but once tests are uploaded, aspirants can take tests as per their convenience – at any time they wish! Mock tests will remain available in each user account without any expiry date during the subscription period. The list of prelims mock tests to be completed can be accessed from the performance overview link, once paid.

Sl. No Test available from: Clear IAS Exam Mock Test Details
1 26-Jun-15 All Topics – Full-length test (101P)
2 7-Jul-15 UPSC Prelims 2011 Re-take test (201P)
3 10-Jul-15 Culture – Full-length test (301P)
4 15-Jul-15 All Topics – NCERT Based test (102P)
5 18-Jul-15 UPSC Prelims 2012 Re-take test (202P)
6 21-Jul-15 All Topics – Full-length test (103P)
7 24-Jul-15 UPSC Prelims 2013 Re-take test (203P)
8 28-Jul-15 All Topics – NCERT Based (104P)
9 1-Aug-15 All Topics – Full-length test (105P)
10 4-Aug-15 UPSC Prelims 2014 Re-take test (204P)
11 7-Aug-15 CSAT – Full length  test (401P)
12 09-Aug-15 Environment – Full length test (302P)
13 11-Aug-15 All Topics – Full length test (106P)
14 13-Aug-15 All Topics – Full length test (107P)
15 15-Aug-15 All Topics – Full length test (108P)
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Update: More tests are uploaded in the mock test platform. Stay tuned.

What types of UPSC Prelims Mock Tests are available in the platform?

  • Subject-wise Tests: Eg: culture, environment, polity, economy, current affairs etc.
  • Topic-Wise Tests: Eg: basic concepts of economics, economic survey, budget (Economics), Hindu temple architecture (Indian Culture), parliament (Polity) etc.
  • Previous Year UPSC Prelims Tests: You can re-take UPSC Civil Services prelims previous year question papers in a timed environment. Aspirants can not only assess their potential based on official UPSC answer keys but also learn the concepts behind each UPSC question.
  • All India Tests: These are whole subject–full Length-all-India mock tests. This is a unique opportunity to compete in an all India platform much before actual prelims.

High traffic as UPSC Prelims are near; finish your mock exams at the earliest!

Clear IAS guarantees you a dramatic improvement in your conceptual knowledge and test-taking skills in a timed environment after each of our tests. Aspirants will learn many confusing concepts within a quick time if they take our 15+ high-quality prelims online mock tests. As Prelims is just 3 weeks away, lakhs of aspirants are using website, website and Clear IAS app for their preparation. Due to heavy traffic these days, aspirants are advised not to keep the mock exams in pending state till last moment. Request all who wish to enroll and take Clear IAS mock exams to do that at the earliest.

In case, if you face any issues accessing the website or  Due to high traffic, in peak hours some aspirants might face problems accessing our websites – and If you get any errors or face difficulties connecting to these websites, don’t panic; just wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Things should work fine then. If problem persists, inform our technical team or take exams during non-peak hours. Email id: contactus[at]

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