How can you cover important topics from NCERT Texts faster?

important topics from NCERT Texts

UPSC experts who set questions for Civil Services Exam prelims and mains, give high priority to NCERT books. Though the expert panel refers various sources, many questions can be answered if aspirants study information available in NCERT texts from class 6-12 thoroughly.

For example, consider the UPSC CSE Prelims 2016 question.

Qn 2016 Prelims) Banjaras during the medieval period of Indian history were generally

(A) agriculturists
(B) warriors
(C) weavers
(D) traders

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The correct answer is the option (D). This information is available in NCERT History Class 7 – Ch 7: Tribes, Nomads and Settled communities, Page 94-95.

Now, please take a look at the 2017 IAS prelims question.

Qn 2017 Prelims) The painting of Bodhisattva Padmapani is one of the most famous and oft-illustrated paintings at

(A) Ajanta
(B) Badami
(C) Bagh
(D) Ellora

The correct answer is (A). Source: NCERT, Std. 11 – An Introduction to Indian Art. Page 54 shows photograph with the caption: Padmapani bodhisattva at Ajanta Cave no. 1.

How can you answer questions like these correctly?

There are a lot of questions like these every year in UPSC CSE prelims from NCERTs. To answer these questions correctly, you need to read and revise NCERT texts multiple times, thoroughly. Now, there is one more method, which we are discussing below.

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ClearIAS Team has done extensive research on the type of questions UPSC asks from NCERTs. We have compiled the important topics and probable questions from NCERT texts for every subject – ie History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and Science – and added them in ClearIAS Prelims Test Series.

Our NCERT mock exams would be unique as each exam would be dealing only with a particular subject (for example, History-specific mock exam).

We would cover questions from Class 6 to Class 12 in each subject-specific exams. Check our timetable here.

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