UPSC Mains Program: Answer Writing Practice + Mock Question Papers

30-day Program for UPSC CSE Mains 2016.UPSC Civil Services Mains examination is an entirely different (subjective written-exam) when compared to Prelims (objective and OMR-based). In the Main exam, the most crucial aspect is to know the important topics and to polish your writing skills to suit the requirements of UPSC evaluation. Welcome to ClearIAS UPSC Mains Program, which is completely free for all the aspirants who participate online.

FREE Mains Answer Writing Practice + FREE UPSC Mains Mock Question Papers

ClearIAS program for UPSC CSE Mains is divided into two programs.

  1. Answer Writing Practice (AWP)
  2. Mains Mock Exams (full-topic tests for GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4)

Dedicated Platform for ClearIAS Mains Program from 2017

Prior to 2017, ClearIAS conducted these programs in this platform itself. From 2017 onwards, we have migrated our Mains Program to the ClearIAS Account in This was done to ensure that ClearIAS website does not get cluttered with a lot of daily questions/answers to hinder the user-friendly nature.

You can write your answer to the question topics created by ClearIAS under each thread. Due to time constraints, ClearIAS Team won’t be able to review all answers, but it may get reviewed by peers.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

Aspirants who regularly participate in the program will get a clear idea of the most important topics, and clues about the major points to be added in each answer. – Repository of Detailed Analysis of Current and Conventional Topics – Helps you learn faster!

  • With thousands of topics and lakhs of users, it is extremely important to divide resources to ensure that services of ClearIAS remain user-friendly and fast as ever before.
  • So just like our flagship service – ClearIAS Prelims Program with more than 1,00,000 registered users – is delivered from a dedicated platform, our Mains Program too will be provided from a separate channel – from the same brand.
  • will remain the parent website with fast-to-learn contents. We will keep coming up with excellent write-ups by experts on all important topics  – current and conventional.

“How can I browse the archives of Answer Writing Practice and Full-Topic Mock Exams by ClearIAS prior to 2017?”

Success of UPSC Mains Test Series by ClearIAS

In previous years had provided the Answer Writing Practice and UPSC Mains Mock Tests for free. There were lot many direct and indirect questions in the actual UPSC exam from ClearIAS Mains Program. Details of questions are given below.

What matters is not your knowledge, but how well you perform in the Exam hall!

ClearIAS UPSC Mains Test SeriesIrrespective your degrees, knowledge and skills what speaks about you in a UPSC mains exam is your answer sheet. The examiner does not know you; he has access to only your answer booklet and nothing else, and he evaluates each candidate based on what is presented in the answer sheet. So it is extremely important to frame your answers in the most impressive way, within the prescribed time limit. Knowledge about framing high-quality answers in mains exam is necessary to make your answer sheets stand out.

Proper answer writing practice, a good understanding of the latest UPSC syllabus, and familiarity of current topics are important prerequisites of clearing IAS mains in flying colours. It is with this aim of equipping aspirants with the latest requirements of UPSC mains exam we launched our UPSC Mains Test Series. All the best!

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Posted on January 18th, 2016 and last updated on September 30th, 2017.

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