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Indices and Organisations - India's rankIn the last post, we wrote about the names of reports published by various organisations and their importance in UPSC exams. In this post, as a continuation, we have prepared the list of indices and associated organisations. For example, Human Development Index (HDI) is prepared by UNDP as part of Human Development Report.

What is an index?

An index a sign or measure of something (plural: indices). In economics and finance, an index is a statistical measure of changes in a representative group of individual data points. These data may be derived from any number of sources.

Qn UPSC 2017 CSE Prelims: Which of the following gives ‘Global Gender Gap Index’ ranking to the countries of the world?
(a) World Economic Forum
(b) UN Human Rights Council
(c) UN Women
(d) World Health Organization

Global Indices and India’s Ranking: A comparative study


ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series
Sl.No Index Organisation India’s Ranking
1. Child Development Index Save the Children 112/141
2. Corruption Perceptions Index Transparency International (TI) 76/168
3. Democracy Index Economist Intelligence Unit 35/167
4. Ease of doing business index World Bank Group 130/185
5. Education Index UNDP 135/188
6. EF English Proficiency Index EF Education First 20/70
7. Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) The Access Initiative (TAI) and the World Resources Institute(WRI) 24/70
8. Environmental Performance Index WEF (World Economic Forum) 155/178
9. Gender Empowerment Measure UNDP 128/177
10. Gender Inequality Index UNDP 127/142
11. Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) WEF(World Economic Forum) 71/144
12.  Global Entrepreneurship Index Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute 98/132
13. Global Hunger Index  International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) 80/104
14. Global Innovation Index  Cornell University. INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 81/141
15. Global Peace Index Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) 141/163
16. Global Slavery Index Walk Free Foundation 4/167
17. Global Terrorism Index Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) 6/124
18. Happy Planet Index New Economics Foundation (NEF) 32/151
19. Human Development Index UNDP 130
20. Human Poverty Index UNDP N.A
21. Index of Economic Freedom The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation 128/178
22. Index of Freedom in the World Freedom House Free
23.  Networked Readiness Index WEF (World Economic Forum) 89/143
24. Press Freedom Index Reporters Without Borders 133/180
25. Social Institutions and Gender Index OECD Development Centre 96/102
26. Starting a Business Index World Bank Group 155
27. Travel &Tourism  Competitiveness Index (TTCI) WEF (World Economic Forum) 52/141
28. Web index  World Wide Web Foundation 48/86
29. Were to born index Economist Intelligence Unit 66/80
30. World Giving Index Charities Aid Foundation 106/145
31. Baseline Profitability Index Daniel Altman in Foreign Policy magazine 1/110
32. Index of Investor Protection World Bank 7/189
33. Global Gender Gap Index World Economic Forum 108/144

Note: India’s ranking in most indices is based on the latest available statistics as we first published the post. We may not be updating the same often. The figure is just for understanding purpose. Concentrate on the Index name, the corresponding report and organisation. Please let us know in comments if we missed any important index. Thanks in advance. All the best!

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