The Hindu ePaper – A Smart Choice for IAS aspirants!

How to download The Hindu ePaper as PDF?

The Hindu e-Paper

‘The Hindu’ is the favourite newspaper of lakhs of IAS aspirants.

Many sections in ‘The Hindu’ like editorials, op-ed, national news, international news, science and technology etc are mines of information. They provide a lot of value addition not only for those who prepare for various competitive exams but also for anybody who is interested in getting a real perspective on things happening around him or her.

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Are you facing issues to keep track of ‘The Hindu’?

One of the biggest worries of many IAS aspirants is that ‘The Hindu’ newspaper (physical copy) is not available in their city or village.

For some others, keeping track of the various sections in The Hindu is a concern.

We get emails from aspirants asking ‘how to download The Hindu as PDF?’.

Now in the online age, there is a solution.

Smart aspirants now subscribe for ‘The Hindu e-paper’ to read the newspaper across all device sizes – laptop, tablets, or mobile phones. This choice is not only cheaper and environment-friendly but will also help you remain organised. You can take a free trial now!

Why should you start thinking of The Hindu epaper in the online age?

The Hindu e-Paper Subscription

There are many advantages of The Hindu e-paper. A few of those –

1. Get the same feeling as the physical newspaper – it’s almost like the paper-one but a lot handier!

The Hindu epaper is the newspaper replica. You can read the exact replica of your daily newspaper in a clean digital format.

2. You can download ‘The Hindu’ as PDF for reading later!

PDF is the prefered option for many students. With the e-paper, you can download ‘The Hindu’ as PDF to keep your newspapers organised in a folder of your laptop or mobile. Now the burden of managing piles of physical paper is an old story!

3. e-Paper is cheaper!

1-year subscription of the Hindu e-paper would cost you just Rs.699 + Tax. It’s much cheaper, and hence you can save a lot of money.

4. You can save articles for future

Were you cutting articles from the newspaper for reference before? No need any more. If you liked an article, you can save it as a favourite. The article will then be available for your future reference at a click (saved articles will be available for 60 days).

There is also a ‘Read Offline’ feature to download the entire edition in one go and can be preserved for future reference.

5. You will get access to archives

Missed your morning newspaper? With e-paper, you can experience ‘The Hindu’ anytime anywhere. Just select the date and get the archived newspaper for up to 60 days.

You may also note that with the PDF download option, in-effect you will have more archives with you, though not online :-).

How can you download The Hindu online as PDF?

Download The Hindu as PDF

You need to register at using your email id. Options are also given for registering using either Facebook or Google+.

If you wish to experience the refreshed feel of The Hindu e-paper, you can take a free trial for 7 days.

Note: During the trial period, users cannot download the full newspaper pages and edition, while they can download individual articles in both HTML and PDF formats

Which plan is best for Civil Service Aspirants?

Considering 1-year advance preparation, and 1-year Civil Service Exam cycle, the 1-year subscription of the Hindu e-paper seems the best option (Rs.699 + Tax). You can renew the subscription before the expiry date.

For ardent fans of The Hindu newspaper, there is a 10-year plan too. This subscription offer is priced now at a discounted rate of Rs.5999+ tax.

Why should IAS aspirants read the Hindu?

As we noted in one of our previous articles on how to read The Hindu effectively, ‘The Hindu’ distinguishes between news and opinion very well.

Reading ‘The Hindu’ newspaper as a daily habit has multiple benefits.

The ‘pictorial memory’ would be of immense help in Prelims, Mains, and Interview. There would be a lot of improvement in your vocabulary and communication skills.

And finally, getting multiple perspectives and dimensions will help a lot in your path, growing as a well-educated person. This is a trait UPSC specifically look in all the future civil servants they recruit.

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The Hindu epaper is a smart choice for smart IAS aspirants who prefer to read online. This is also a great boon for all those who don't have access to the physical newspaper. The Hindu e-paper service provides a great user experience, which anybody can try for free during the trial period.

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