History – Civil Services Books – Mains Exam

Civil Services History part (As part of GS or as optional) requires vast but focused reading. Apart from the IAS Books for History – Civil Services Prelims Exam, the below mentioned books can help.

Recommended Books for History – Civil Services Books – Mains Exam

  1. A New Look at Modern Indian History From 1707 to the Modern Times
  2. Modern India, 1885-1947
  3. History of Medieval India
  4. The Penguin History Of Early India: From The Origins To AD 1300
  5. History Of Modern India
  6. India’s Ancient Past
  7. Modern Indian History
  8. Mastering Modern World History
  9. Age of Revolution 1789-1848
  10. Age of Capital 1848-1875
  11. Age of Empire 1875-1914
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