5 Best Selling Books to Study Ethics for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

Books to study ethicsGeneral Studies Paper 4 (GS4) in UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam is about Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. Candidates can score high in this paper if one is familiar with the concepts and case studies. In this post, we discuss the most-read books by IAS aspirants for studying ethics paper. Links are also provided to buy books online at discounted prices.

1. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude by Chronicle Publications

The Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude authored by Niraj Kumar is one of best selling books for Ethics paper. Lexicon provides objective keys to solve the Case Study Questions. Apart from this, it has all the literal and application meaning for most of the words related to the field.

Link to buy online: Buy Lexicon for Ethics by Chronicle.

2. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Nanda Kishore and Santhosh Ajmera (Mc Graw Hill Publications)

Authored by two serving Indian Information Services(IIS) officers the book gives a holistic perspective of the various ethical theories, values and dilemmas that confront administrators and managers in the course of their professional career. The book is published by Mc Graw Hill.

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Link to buy online: Buy Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Nanda Kishore and Santhosh Ajmera.

3. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by M Karthikeyan (Mc Graw Hill Publications)

Written by the Director of a coaching institute who teaches ethics to students. His day-to-day interaction gives him the required insights into the students’ requirements.

Link to buy online: Buy Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by by M Karthikeyan.

4. IAS Mains General Studies Paper 4 Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Arihant Experts

The revised and updated edition for General Studies Paper 4, Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for IAS Mains by Arihant incorporates the detailed explanation of many issues related to Ethics and Integrity with special emphasis on Case Studies. Emotional Intelligence, Human Attitude, Probity in Governance and Foundational Values in Civil Services have been covered in detail.

5. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Access Publishing

P N Roy Chowdhury and G Subba Rao (both retired IAS officers) are the authors of this book. The text is interspersed with Case Studies wherever relevant.

Extra: Books to Study Ethics – New releases

  1. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (Being Efficient and Being Good) – by M.K.Mohanty.
  2. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – by Kumar Avinash Prasad Sinha.

How to study ethics?
Books to Study Ethics

We have written in one of our earlier posts, the right approach to score high for ethics paper. Refer multiple books to improve your grip on case studies. From books you will get good examples which can be used in answers. Don’t forget to go through ClearIAS notes on ethics (tips to solve ethics case studies are given along main mock tests). Quote real life stories from the lives of greater leaders. Bring originality to the answer. All the best!

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