Buy IAS Books For Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills – Prelims Paper 2 (CSAT)

As of 2012 prelims, no direct questions were asked from Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills. But there were questions in Civil Service Prelims which tested the interpersonal aspects related with decision making and problem solving. In future, the probable questions from this section can be of the following types too.

  • Sentence Correction Questions
  • Para-jumbles
  • Vocabulary Based Questions

Recommended IAS Books For Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills

  1. Communication Skills Builder
  2. CSAT: Interpersonal, Communication, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
  3. GMAT Sentence Correction Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking GMAT Sentence Correction Questions
  4. CSAT Decision Making Problem Solving & Interpersonal Skills
  5. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT Common Admission Test
  6. Verbal Ability For CAT
  7. Communication Skills
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