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Ever since UPSC delayed the Civil Services Exam notification, candidates were expecting surprises for Civil Services Exam 2013. The updates from Indian Forest Service website turn out to be the latest.

The website has not only listed the tentative dates for Civil Services Exam 2013, but also many probable changes. The details are as follows :

Date of Civil Service Exam Notification : 9th March, 2013
Last date of submission of Civil Service Exam online application form : 8th April, 2013
Date of Civil Services (Preliminary) Exam, 2013 : 26th May, 2013

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The list of surprises are not over; Read them below :

  1. The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination shall serve as the Screening Test for both the Civil Services as well as the Indian Forest Service Examinations (IFoS).
  2. Notification of Indian Forest Service Examination will be done simultaneously with the Civil Services Examination. The application form will be called as Combined Online application Form for Civil Services and Indian Forest Service Examinations.
  3. The candidates who will be applying for Indian Forest Service, Civil Services or both will be asked to appear in the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination which will be a Screening Test for short-listing the candidates for Indian Forest Service and Civil Services (Main) Examinations. Otherwise these two examinations will be separate in all respects.
  4. Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Exam will be of a two-tier examination similar to that of the Civil Services Examination.
  5. Based on the performance of the candidates in the CS(P) Examination, the candidates for the Indian Forest Service as well as the Civil Services examinations, will be short-listed separately for the IFS(Main) as well as the Civil Services (Main) Examination.

Read more at New Scheme of Examination for Indian Forest Service Examination, 2013

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