Decision Making and Problem Solving for CSAT

Decision Making and Problem Solving is an important section for CSAT ( Civil Services Preliminary Exam Paper 2). Having said that, those who are wondering what this section is all about – they can refer 2011 and 2012 CSAT question paper and see those 7 or 8 questions at the end without negative marking.

Decision Making – Putting you in the shoes of an IAS officer

As mentioned in a previous post of this website, Decision Making skills are not separate from Interpersonal Skills – they are very well related. In civil service exam, question will be asked placing you in the shoes of a collector or a police officer. You are expected to think and take decisions like an officer.

Decision Making and Problem Solving Questions for CSAT

There can be different types of questions testing your decision making skills or problem solving skills. The most common type of question asked is situation analysis type.

Example of a decision making question ( Civil Services Prelims 2012)

Qn : You are handling a time-bound project. During the project review meeting, you find that the project is likely to get delayed due to lack of cooperation of the team members. You would…
(a) Warn the team members for their non-cooperation.
(b) Look into reasons for non-cooperation.
(c) Ask for the replacement of team members.
(d) Ask for extension of time citing reasons.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

Ans : (b) Look into reasons for non-cooperation.

Possible Questions from Decision Making and Problem Solving

Apart from the situation analysis question judging your instant reactions or response, there can also be decision making questions like selection of an individual or case study analysis which might include calculation.

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