Government Rolls Back UPSC Mains Changes For A Level Playing Field

Government has corrected the short-comings in the new pattern proposed by UPSC and rolled back the controversial changes. Now UPSC mains exam seems more or less a level playing field. The changes brought now include removal of marks for the compulsory English paper.

Latest pattern of UPSC Mains Exam

As per the news update on UPSC by The Hindu, the below mentioned are the new upsc mains changes for 2013.

  • There won’t be any compulsory English paper, but English would remain as a qualifying paper along with a regional paper. (300 + 300)
  • Essay paper will now be of 250 marks.
  • Medium for UPSC mains now includes regional languages even if that language is not the medium for graduation.
  • There is now no limitation of 25 candidates.
  • Candidates can now opt for Literature optional even if he/she is not a literature graduate.
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