How India Plans To Deal With Change In Climate?

There is an imminent threat of Climate Change, due to green house gas emissions and no nation can sit back without taking actions. At the UNCED, UNFCCC treaty was signed and India was also a party. India’s plan to deal with climatic change is titled “National Action Plan on Climate Change”.

National Action Plan on Climate Change

National Action Plan on Climate Change was prepared by Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change in 2008. This plan balances India’s responsibility for taking measures to control climate change without compromising on the development front.

The National Action Plan focuses attention of 8 National Missions. These are:

  1. Solar Energy –  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency – Ministry of Power
  3. Sustainable Habitat – Ministry of Urban Development
  4. Conserving Water – Ministry of Water Resources
  5. Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem – Ministry of Science and Technology
  6. A “Green India” – Ministry of Environment and Forests
  7. Sustainable agriculture – Ministry of Agriculture
  8. Strategic Knowledge Platform for Climate Change – Ministry of Science and Technology

Proposed : A Ninth Mission – National Bio-energy Mission – Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

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