IAS Books for Science and Technology – Civil Services Prelims Exam

Science and Technology has now turned out as a crucial marks differentiator between students from science background and non-science background. But with right kind of preparation, this difference can be made up. Science and Technology section of General Studies Paper (Paper 1 for 200 marks) in Civil Services Exam Prelims, is now a days more focused towards latest technologies. Earlier, questions from General Science were directly asked. It has also to be noted that the UPSC syllabus just mentions General Science and no details! So giving a 50-50 weight-age to science and technology each would be the ideal strategy.

An in-depth knowledge of Latest Technologies plus a thorough understanding of basic sciences is necessary to score high in Science and Technology questions of Paper 1 (General Studies). Links are provided to buy the important Science and Technology books available in the market in a prelims perspective.

Recommended IAS Books for Science and Technology – Civil Services Preliminary Exam

  1. Science & Technology For Civil Services Exams
  2. Science and Technology in India – Kalpana Rajaram – Spectrum
  3. General Science For Civil Services Preliminary Examinations – S.A.Majid
  4. 1000 Plus Questions on General Science – TMH

Additional books for reference : Civil Services Preliminary Exam General Science

  1. Objective General Science – Expert Compilations
  2. UPSC Portal General Science MCQs 1000+Q

Must Read Books for Science and Technology in IAS Exam Prelims:

NCERT books IX, X, XI, XII – Click to download NCERT Books (Free) Search this website for recommended ias books for individuals subjects in civil services exam for both Preliminary and Mains Examination.

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