IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) Analysis

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) analysis is based on the UPSC Mains 2013 GS2 question paper, which is already shared in this website. GS2 Question paper shows that UPSC has given maximum weightage for Foreign relations and Social Justice. Questions from polity and constitution combined together corresponded to 80 marks out of 250. There were questions from governance and international affairs (IMF/WB question). UPSC has touched almost all topics mentioned in the syllabus and all together this was a paper for a well read candidate and not for any constitutional experts.

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) Analysis and Break-Up of Marks

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) Analysis by Clear IAS

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) Question Areas and Types

Qn. No Subject Question Marks Question Type
1 Polity Anti-defection law 10 Static Analytical
2 Polity + Constitution 66A of IT Act 10 Current Analytical
       3 Polity + Constitution Article 371A + Nagas 10 Current Analytical
4 Constitution Amending the Constitution 10 Static Analytical
5 Governance Smaller States 10 Current Analytical
6 Constitution  inter-state water disputes 10 Current Analytical
7 Polity + Constitution 13th Finance Commission 10 Current Analytical
8 Governance SEBI and IRDA 10 Current Analytical
9 Social Justice Mid-Day Meal (MDM) 10 Current Analytical
10 Social Justice Pressure groups 10 Current Analytical
11 Social Justice Self Help Groups (SHGs) 10 Current Analytical
12 Governance + Social Justice Centrally sponsored schemes 10 Current Analytical
13 Governance Electronic cash transfer system 10  Current Analytical
14 Governance + Social Justice PURA 10 Current Analytical
15 Social Justice Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 10 Current Analytical
16 Governance Citizen’s charters 10 Current Analytical
17 Governance Lokpal 10 Current Analytical
18 Foreign Relations International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) 10 Current Analytical
19 Foreign Relations The String of Pearls 10 Current Analytical
20 Foreign Relations India and Japan 10 Current Analytical
21 Foreign Relations Protests in Shahbag Square 10 Current Analytical
22 Foreign Relations Maldives 10 Current Analytical
23 Foreign Relations India — Sri Lanka 10 Current Analytical
24 Foreign Relations Gujral doctrine 10 Current Analytical
25 International Relations World Bank and the IMF 10 Static Conceptual

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) Analysis and Inference

  • IAS text books like Laxmikanth or NCERT helped candidates to get a few questions from polity and consitution section, but most of the questions of GS2 came from news papers and online materials provided from the government’s side. (PIB, Government reports, online studymaterials etc. for CSS, PURA etc.)
  • 90% of questions were related to current affairs. Good news paper reading habit (exploring the right areas) might have helped students in this paper much more than any bulky text book.
  • Most of the question were analytical in nature.
  • Foreign affairs totaled 70 marks, and to answer this section, good knowledge about the current foreign relations of India was necessary.

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