IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) Analysis

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) analysis is based on the UPSC Mains 2013 GS3 question paper, which is already shared in this website. As expected, GS3 Question paper gave maximum weightage for Economy (120 marks out of 250). Science and Tech as well as Internal Security bagged together the second prize for most number of questions from a single area. Most of the questions were of current relevance.

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) Analysis and Break-Up of Marks

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) Analysis by Clear IAS

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) Question Areas and Types

Qn. No Subject Question Marks Question Type
1 Economy Companies Bill 10 Current Analytical
2 Economy FRBM 10 Current Conceptual
       3 Economy Tax Expenditure 10 Static Analytical
4 Economy Food security bill 10 Current Analytical
5 Economy Agriculture subsidies 10 Static Analytical
6 Economy  Pink revolution 10 Current Analytical
7 Economy Impact of liberalization on companies 10 Current Analytical
8 Economy Land reform 10 Current Analytical
9 Economy FDI entry into multi-trade retail sector 5 Current Analytical
Economy FDI not picking up in  multi-trade retail sector 5 Current Analytical
10 Economy Good and services tax in India 10 Current Analytical
11 Economy India’s green energy corridor 10 Current Analytical
12 Economy PPP model for infrastructure development 10 Current Analytical
13 Economy + Science and Technology Patent Law, 1970 + Glivec 10  Current Analytical
14 Science and Technology Fixed dose drug combinations (FDCs) 10 Current Analytical
15 Science and Technology Umpire decision review in cricket 10 Current Analytical
16 Science and Technology Digital signature 5 Current Conceptual
Science and Technology 3D Printing 5 Current Conceptual
17 Science and Technology FRP composite material 5 Current Conceptual
Science and Technology Run of the river hydroelectricity project 5 Current Conceptual
18 Disaster management Disaster management 10 Current Analytical
19 Environment Illegal mining + Go and No go zones 10 Current Analytical
20 Environment National Water Policy of India 10 Current Analytical
21 Internal Security Money laundering 10 Current Analytical
22 Internal Security Social networking sites 10 Current Analytical
23 Internal Security Cyber warfare 10 Current Analytical
24 Internal Security Article 244 + Left Wing Extremism 10 Current Analytical
25 Internal Security Border management 10 Current Analytical

IAS Mains 2013 General Studies Paper 3 (GS3) Analysis and Inference

  • Most of the questions, particularly from Internal security came along expected lines according to UPSC syllabus. As there was no ready made text book in the market covering GS3 as a whole, only wide reading (online and offline) would help candidates.
  • Most of the question were current affairs related analytical ones.
  • Questions like 3D printing was among the hot news, but questions like Fixed dose drug combinations (FDCs) and FRP composite material troubled many aspirants.
  • Time management was again a crucial factor. Not adding the same on all analysis as “lack of time” has became a cliche with the emergence of 25 essay questions in UPSC Civil Services Exam.

ClearIAS.com welcome feedback from candidates regarding the experience and difficulty level of the mains exam in the comment space below.

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