India Year Book – 18 Important chapters that should not be missed

India Year Book (titled as India 2016, India 2017, India 2018 … etc) is released by Publication Division, under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It is one of the most useful books for IAS exam preparation. In this post let’s see how you should cover the important areas in the book, as the book is quite bulky and runs into hundreds of pages.

Why should you need a Year Book?

India Year Book Important Chapters There are many yearbooks in the market. India YearBook, Manorama YearBook, Mathrubhumi YearBook etc are some of the most popular. ClearIAS suggests UPSC aspirants read maximum Year Books possible. This is because you will get almost a full coverage of almost all hot fields or topics today.

But you don’t have to mug up all facts and figures. Yes, you should not.

Year Book should be used to get a comprehensive idea about different spheres – for example – health, infrastructure, new technologies, controversial issues etc. As articles in the Year Books are written by experts in the field, that would give a good and authentic coverage.

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What does India Year Book contain?

India Year Book is a comprehensive digest of country’s progress in different fields. The book deals with all aspects of development from rural to urban, industry to infrastructure, science and technology, art and culture, economy, health, defense, education and mass communication. Being an official product, the schemes and policies of Government of India are covered in detail. It is already among the best selling books in many online bookstores.

Which are the important topics in India Year Book?

India Year Book is bigger when compared to other traditional yearbooks with 32 chapters, and it is not an easy task to cover all the topics inside if you start from Page 1. The skill of prioritization can turn helpful, and we are just trying to give an overview of important chapters from India Year Book in a Civil Services Exam perspective (Prelims).

Color Codes – Green: Most Important; Blue: 2nd Priority; Orange: 3rd Priority

Chapters Inside India Year Book

  1. Land and the People 
  2. National Symbols 
  3. Polity   — Comments: Focus more on Laxmikanth —
  4. Agriculture 
  5. Culture and Tourism 
  6. Basic Economic Data  — Comments: Focus more on Economic Survey —
  7. Commerce 
  8. Communications and Information Technology 
  9. Defence 
  10. Education 
  11. Energy 
  12. Environment  — Comments: Focus more on extra reading, particularly The Hindu–
  13. Finance 
  14. Corporate Affairs 
  15. Food and Civil Supplies 
  16. Health and Family Welfare 
  17. Housing
  18. India and the World 
  19. Industry 
  20. Justice and Law 
  21. Labour 
  22. Mass Communication 
  23. Planning 
  24. Rural and Urban Development 
  25. Scientific and Technological Developments 
  26. Transport 
  27. Water Resources 
  28. Welfare 
  29. Youth Affairs and Sports 
  30. States and Union Territories 
  31. Diary of National Events 
  32. General Information

How To Buy India Year Book?

India Year Book is available at many online bookstores like Amazon and Flipkart. The Hindi version of the book is available as Bharat 2017. Links for both English and Hindi versions of India Year Book are given below:

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