Opinion: If bureaucrats did their duty, there would be no scams!

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (Civil Services Mains Paper 5) may contain direct, opinion judging questions apart from the case studies on ethics. An opinion evaluating question is given below on which the readers on ClearIAS.com can post comments.

Qn: If bureaucrats did their duty, there would be no scams : Comment!

Hints : Are politicians the real culprit behind corruption?

Conflict of interest: When a person join a company and become a director, he has to give a declaration of any conflict of interest he has. If that statement is wrong, he is liable for action under the Companies Act. In public service there is no such law. This means, bureaucrats may remain in position to judge cases where there is conflict of interest. The same is true in the case of politicians too.

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Bureaucrats who turn corrupt : Can politicians loot if all bureaucrats are ethical? Is it a case of corrupt politicians utilizing the corrupt bureaucrats or vice versa?

PS: The quote “If bureaucrats did their duty, there would be no scams!” was made by Ashok Khemka IAS.

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