Grievances Against Discrepancies in UPSC Question Paper? Use “QPRep” – The Online Question Paper Representation Portal

UPSC Right or Wrong - QPRep - The Online Question Paper Representation PortalUPSC has come up with “QPRep”, an Online Question Paper Representation Portal. This website link allows UPSC aspirants to file grievances against the discrepancies in UPSC question paper, within a time frame.

QPRep – The Online Question Paper Representation Portal

Candidates can submit representations, if any, on the questions asked in the Question Papers of Examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) like Civil Service Preliminary Exam.

Candidates have to use the “Online Question Paper Representation Portal (QPRep)”. This website can be accessed through this URL.

No representation through any other mode shall be accepted by the Commission.

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Time Frame for Representation

For each Examination, a time frame of 7 days (a week) i.e. from the next day of the Examination Date to 6.00 p.m. of the seventh day is fixed for the candidates to make representations to the Commission on the questions asked in the Papers of that Examination.

For Examination conducted on two or more days, the dates on which the Paper(s) of that Examination are held, will be the crucial reckoning date for making representation on the questions appeared in those Papers.

For example: if Paper(s) of an Examination is/are conducted on 1st March, then a candidate can make representation from 2nd March to 8th March (6:00 p.m.)

Window for Submitting Representations for UPSC Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2018

  • From 4th-10 June, 2018.
  • No representation after 10th June, 2018 shall be accepted by the Commission.
  • No representation by email/post/hand or by any other means shall be accepted.

Welcome move by UPSC!

QPRep – The Online Question Paper Representation Portal by UPSC

This new change is a welcome initiative which can bring a lot of transparency (and of-course a lot of representations!) in the coming years.

The change comes in the background that a batch of civil services aspirants from across the country have moved the Supreme Court last year, against the questions of the Civil Services preliminary examination of 2017.

They had accused the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of non-transparency and of framing ambiguous, incoherent questions. However, Supreme Court dismissed the plea.

The new website, QPRep, is expected to provide a medium for aspirants to file their objections regarding ambiguous or wrongly phrased questions, if any.

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