How To Study Science and Technology For IAS Exam?

Questions from Science and Technology is asked in UPSC Civil Services Prelims General Studies Paper 1 as well as in Mains General Studies Paper 3 (GS3). Science part deals with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Technology part deals with application of various sciences. Questions can come from all latest technologies like Biotechnology, Information Technology, Nano-technology, Space Technology, Defense Technology. Energy Technologies etc.

Priority Areas for Science and Technology

Like other subjects, it is important to prioritize sub-topics inside science first. It can be seen that UPSC normally ask more questions from Biology than Chemistry or Physics. And even from Biology, more questions come from Zoology and Microbiology than Botany. So know well the topics like genetics, micro-organisms/diseases, physiology etc.

From Chemistry side, topics like Nuclear Chemistry is important. Physics questions though few in previous year question papers, they revolved around day to day applied physics touching concepts like surface tension, capillarity etc.

Technology is a more preferred area for Mains for question paper setters. Even for Prelims, last 3-4 years saw many questions from Technology area. All those gadgets and technologies currently in news can come in UPSC questions. Wi-fi, IPTV, 3-D Printing, Blue-ray disk etc. were questions in Prelims/Mains in previous years. Technologies like Biotechnology and Space Technology deserves special mention for Prelims and Mains.

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How To Study Science and Technology For IAS Exam : Books and Study Materials

If you get time, go back to school texts (at-least till Class X) to build your science basics. NCERT Biology Texts for Class 11 and Class 12 are also really good. Selective reading of these texts is advised. For technology part, Science and Technology column from The Hindu newspaper is a good read.

And regarding books for Science and Technology! There is no book which can be called a panacea for science and technology. The suggested strategies is Books+ School Texts+ TheHindu Science and Technology + Knowledge from Online sources.

Books for Science and Technology for IAS Exam

Useful books for UPSC civil services exam are listed below.

  1. Science & Technology For Civil Services Exams.
  2. Science and Technology in India – Kalpana Rajaram – Spectrum.
  3. General Science For Civil Services Preliminary Examinations – S.A.Majid.
  4. 1000 Plus Questions on General Science – TMH.
  5. Objective General Science – Expert Compilations.
  6. Science and Technology – Wizard.
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