Sociology Optional Paper: Books to read for Civil Services Main Exam

Sociology has turned out as a crucial part for GS paper well as optional paper in Civil Services Examination. Being considered as one of the easiest and generalist optional, around 3000-4000 candidates take Sociology each year as their optional subject for mains. An in-depth understanding about Indian society and sociological thinkers is essential.

Being a traditional hot favorite, plenty of books and study-materials are available in the market. For clarity regarding the subject, the below mentioned books can help.

Recommended Books for Sociology – Civil Services Books – Mains Exam

Extra Tips

  • Indian editions of the imported books may cost you less. But, make sure that the book has not compromised on quality and content.
  • Old NCERT on sociology is a good source.
  • For current aspects of Sociology, EPW magazine is a good read.
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