UPSC Exam Calender | Civil Service Exam Dates 2014

UPSC Exam Calender 2014 : UPSC has posted in the official website ( the probable dates of UPSC exams in 2014. As per the calendar Civil Service Prelims will be on Aug 24, 2014 while Civil Service Mains will be for 5 days from Dec 14, 2014. Civil Service Prelims 2013 were 3 months earlier when compared to exam dates fixed by UPSC for 2014. The gap between Prelims and Mains in 2014 will be around 4 months.

Civil Service Prelims 2014

  • Notification Date : 17.05.2014.
  • Last Date to Receive Applications: 16.06.2014
  • Civil Service Prelims Exam Date : 24.08.2014 (SUNDAY)

Indian Forest Service Exam Prelims 2014

Same dates as Civil Service Prelims 2014. (Same exam).

Civil Service Mains 2014

Civil Service Mains Exam Date : Dec 14, 2014 (5 days).

Indian Forest Service Exam Mains 2014

Duration of Indian Forest Service Mains Exam will be for 10 days from 22.11.2014.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

UPSC Exam Calender | Civil Service Exam Dates 2014

For more details read the UPSC Exam Calender 2014.

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