UPSC Civil Services 2012 General Studies Mains Paper 1 Analysis

UPSC Civil Services 2012 General Studies Mains (Paper 1) held on Oct 5,2012 had a mark of simplicity with it. Nearly 75-80% of the questions were taken from what was happening around (current affairs) and almost all questions gave candidates a sense of familiarity. But the sense of familiarity doesn’t always means a high score in GS.

IAS Mains Exam 2012 GS Paper 1 Analysis

Areas under GS Paper 1 as per syllabus:

  1. History of Modern India and Indian Culture
  2. Geography of India
  3. Constitution of India and Indian Polity
  4. Current National issues and topics of social relevance

Analysis of 2012 IAS Mains Exam Questions: GS Paper 1 (25 markers)

Upon analyzing the 25 mark questions (5 no.s), the trend is clear: More stress on current national issues.
See the questions asked:
  • National Innovation Policy
  • Informal Sector
  • Desertification in India
  • Endosulfan issues
  • Indian Independence movement as a mass based movement + ideologies
  • Tourism in Tiger Reserve Forests.
As we can see out of the six questions, apart from the one on independence movement, the rest five are issues of current importance.

Analysis of UPSC 2012 questions of GS Paper 1  (2 – 15 markers)

  • 12 th Five Year Plan + Chapter on Health
  • Amendments to Child Labour Act 1986
  • Constraints in domestic resource mobilization
  • Flute playing Krishna + Indian Art
  • Consumer Protection Bill 2011
  • Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
  • Renewable energy viable or not?
  • Trans fat
  • Parivarik Mahila Lok Adalat
  • National Manufacturing Policy
  • Rasarnava + History of Indian Chemistry
  • Article 21+ rights
  • Right to Information Act + Preamble
  • Mohini Giri Committe+ National Council
  • National Mission on Libraries
  • Traditional Classification of Music Instruments in India
  • Fire+ Zoroastrianism
  • Laurie Baker
  • First aid after sunstroke
  • Patharughat+ Indian Freedom Struggle
  • Bagurumba folk dance
  • Presidential Election
  • SPOT 6 rocket
  • Palagummi Sainath + works
  • Personalities in News : P.Sindhu, Aditya Kumar Mandi, Cyrus Mistry, Asok Sen, Mario de Miranda

Summary of IAS Mains Exam 2012 GS Paper 1:

Lack of in-depth question from geography or economics is pronounced in paper 1. History was asked, but the number of questions were more from the cultural part. Latest bills were asked from polity section along with a few conventional polity questions. Current affairs had the lion’s share of questions – and that’s civil services mains gs paper in one shot. A person with good newspaper reading habit can score well in GS Paper 1. UPSC since last 2-3 years is trying its best to avoid the influence of coaching institutes in Civil Services selection and this attitude is once again pronounced in this paper.
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