ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019 Timetable Released – Exams Start on July 1, 2018

ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019 Timetable (Schedule) is now available. You can download the timetable as PDF and plan your preparation accordingly for UPSC Prelims 2019 (scroll down).
ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2019 Timetable

Download ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Test Series 2019 Timetable as a High-Quality PDF (Useful for Ready-reference OR print-outs)

Download ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Test Series 2019 Timetable as PDF

Download Link – You can download the Prelims Test Series 2019 Timetable PDF from this link.

Details of ClearIAS Prelims Test Series 2019ClearIAS add-on packages, and Study-Plan are included in the PDF. New exams will be uploaded on Sundays, as per the schedule. Aspirants can take mock exams at any time convenient before Prelims 2019.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

ClearIAS Timetable: 3-Level Approach for Efficient Preparation

ClearIAS Timetable – 3 Level Approach for Efficient PreparationAs you might have noticed, ClearIAS Mock Exams in Prelims 2019 Test Series (40 exams) are broadly divided into 3 levels for efficient preparation.

  • Level 1 – 8 Subject-Specific Mock Exams based on NCERTs which makes your basics strong.
  • Level 2 – 7 Subject-Specific Exams based on Standard IAS Preparation Textbooks which ensures advanced-level preparation.
  • Level 3 – 18 GS-All Topic Full-Length All India Mock Exams based on all possible sources, simulating diverse UPSC exams patterns.

Note: 7 Current Affairs Mock Exams are also included within the above stages.

It’s not about the number of books you finish, but about the discipline, strategies, and right practice!

ClearIAS - Mocks More Important Than BooksDon’t panic if you are not able to finish all the mentioned books/topics before each mock exam day. You will get time to go through the same in the next-level (after a few weeks).

UPSC exam is not just about the number of books you cover. It’s about discipline, strategies, and right practice.

Whether finished studying or not, make sure you take each mock exam regularly. Stick to ClearIAS timetable to the maximum extent possible. Your preparation will remain highly efficient and exam-focused.

Once an exam is over, analyse your mistakes. Revise the exam and learn the important concepts from the “Learning Zone”. Then move on, and start preparing for the next mock exam (as per the timetable).

As ClearIAS use a Prelims-cum-Mains Integrated approach, following the above timetable helps to cover a majority of topics for Mains 2019 as well.

Yes, this approach will work wonders. It had consistently worked very well for me personally. And for many toppers too. Take the best out of ClearIAS mock exams and be our next topper! All the best!

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