The Growing Importance of Environment Section in UPSC Exams

Environment section is a nightmare for most UPSC aspirants. Candidates are clueless not only due to the lack of quality materials or textbooks for the same but also due to the lack of proper guidance to tackle the environment related topics like Biodiversity.

These topics are very vast, and hence aspirants should know the right areas to focus. But how?

This post introduces some highly useful resources to crack the environment related questions (ecology, biodiversity and climate change) in UPSC Prelims and Mains. These materials will surely aid in all other competitive exams too like IFoS mains, SSC and state PSC tests.

Highly Useful Presentations on Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change by Dr Anoob Razak: For FREE!

The growing importance of environment section in UPSC examinationWe are releasing a set of six extremely useful e-books on Biodiversity and Climate change for the readers of These are prepared by Dr Anoob Razak, an expert in guiding UPSC aspirants to tackle Environment section.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

These e-books are prepared in the form of presentations, for quick learning.

The speciality of these presentations is the inclusion of photos of many of the endangered/critically endangered species, from IUCN or similar websites. This will create better awareness among aspirants.

In future, you can rely more on your photographic memory and can say goodbye to the process of by-hearting without any understanding (Can you recognise a pygmy hog or Jerdon’s Courser, unless you have seen its picture?).

Here, you can see and understand the value of our biodiversity. We are sure that no such comprehensive material is available in the market of similar value, but we are releasing these e-books in for FREE! Our readers can access these presentations in the coming posts.

Growing Importance of Environment Section in UPSC Exams

UPSC, in recent years, has increased the weightage/importance given to Environment section, the 2014 Preliminary Exam being the best example. Around 18 questions out of 100 questions came directly from Environment section (ie. Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change). If you include interdisciplinary questions from Geography/Biology, the count will be around 30. Around 20 questions came in 2015 and 2016. This high weightage can be anticipated not only for future Prelims but also for IFoS as well as IAS mains exam. In short, to clear UPSC Prelims successfully, in future, you cannot neglect Environment.

How to study Environment for UPSC Civil Services Examination?


If properly planned and prepared, you can stand tall the next time UPSC try to sweep you away with an ‘environment wave’. The listing below three must check links:

  1. Our post on overall guidance: How To Study Environment For IAS Exam?
  2. IAS Books for Environment – Civil Services Prelims Exam
  3. Clear IAS Free Online Study materials for Environment Section.

PS: Guest posts/presentations by Dr Anoob Razak can be accessed from the third link. All the best!

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