Must Read NCERT Books Hindi Medium for IAS Exam – Buy Online!

NCERT Books Hindi Medium for UPSC ExaminationAre you a Hindi medium aspirant preparing for UPSC/IAS Exam? Do you find it difficult to collect the NCERT books Hindi medium (Class 6-12) ? Don’t worry! Here is a list of must read NCERT books (Hindi Medium) for IAS exam with the link to buy the same online from Amazon!

Note: English medium aspirants may note that a similar list of must read NCERT Books (English Medium) for IAS exam is already published in

Importance of NCERT Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam

You might have heard from almost all UPSC toppers, the importance of NCERT books in UPSC Civil Services Examination. Whether you do graduation, post-graduation or PhD, your school gives you the fundamental education. It is only upon this foundation, you build your higher studies.

Must Read NCERT Books Hindi Medium for IAS Exam

If you are a Hindi medium student, for general studies (Prelims or Mains), aspirants need to start from the NCERT books Hindi medium on the below subjects – History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Science.

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Note: Books mentioned in bold are more important for UPSC/IAS exam.

NCERT – History (Hindi Medium)

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NCERT – Geography (Hindi Medium)

NCERT – Economics (Hindi Medium)

NCERT – Polity (Hindi Medium)

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NCERT – Sociology (Hindi Medium)

NCERT – Science and Technology (Hindi Medium)

What next, after finishing NCERT books Hindi medium?

Once done with the basic study of NCERT books, aspirants should go deep by referring books from authors like M Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh, Bipan Chandra, D.D. Basu, etc. To make matters easy, we have prepared a separate list of best-selling IAS books for Hindi medium.

Summary: NCERT Books Hindi Medium for UPSC Examination

NCERT texts from Class 6 till Class 12 provides this fundamental education in the most simple and cost-effective manner. UPSC aspirants can now buy NCERT books online as online shopping players have started adding NCERT books into their shelves.

Happy learning!

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