Officers of the Gupta Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation

In Gupta empire (320 AD to 550 AD), there was a hierarchy of administrative divisions from top to bottom. The empire was divided into 26 provinces. Provinces were also divided into Vishayas and put under the control of the Vishayapatis.

Officers of the Gupta Empire

A Vishayapati administered the Vishaya with the help of the Adhikarana (council of representatives), which comprised four representatives: Nagarasreshesthi, Sarthavaha, Prathamakulike and Prathama Kayastha. A part of the Vishaya was called Vithi.

Officers of the Gupta Empire

Officer Function
Mahabaladhikrita Commander-in-Chief
Mahadandanayak Chief Justice
Mahapratihar Maintenance of Royal Palace
Mahasandhivigrahak Post-war conciliation
Dandapashika Police department head
Bhandagaradhikreta Head of Royal treasury
Mahapaksha-patalik Head of account department
Vinayasthitisansathapak Head of education department
Sarvadhyaksha Inspector for all central department
Mahashwapati Controller of cavalry
Mahamahipilapati Controller & executor of elephantry
Vinayapura Official to present different guests at the King’s court
Yuktapurusha Office to keep account of war booty
Khadyatpakika Inspector of Royal Kitchen
Ranabhandagarika Officer in charge of Army Stores
Mahanarpati Head of infantry

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Person Field Famous Works
Amarasimha Lexicography Amarkosa
Dhanvantri Medicine Ayurveda
Harisena Poetry Allahabad inscriptions (Prayag Prasasti)
Kalidasa Drama & poetry Abhijnasakuntalam, Meghadoota etc.
Kahapanaka Astrology Jyotishyashastra
Sanku Architecture Shilpashastra
Varahamihira Astrology Brihadsamhita
Vararuchi Grammar Vyakarana
Vetalabhatta Magic Mantrashastra

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