Officers of the Mauryan Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation

The Mauryan Empire was founded by Chandragupta Maurya but reached its zenith under Ashoka. The Mauryan empire (322 BC – 185 BC) was the largest to have ever existed in the Indian subcontinent, spanning over 5 million square kilometres. In this post, we are compiling the names and functions of the officers during the Mauryan Period.

Officers of the Mauryan Empire

Officers of the Mauryan Empire

Name Function
Mantrin Chief Minister
Mantriparishad Adhyaksha Head of Council of Ministers
Purohita Chief Priest
Senapati Commander-in-chief
Yuvaraj Crown Prince
Samaharta Revenue collector
Yukta Subordinate revenue officer
Shulkadhyaksha Officer-in-charge of royal income
Prashasti Prison head
Sannidata Treasury head
Koshadhyaksha Treasury officer
Koshthagaradhyaksha Royal treasury manager
Nayaka City Security chief
Vyabharika Chief Judge
Karmantika Head of Industries & Factories
Dandapala Head of Police
Durgapala Head of Royal Fort
Annapala Head of Food grains Department
Rajjukas Land measurer
Pradeshika District administrator
Akaradhyaksha Mining Officer
Lauhadhyaksha Metallurgy Officer
Lakshanadhyaksha Coin minting
Lavanadhyaksha Officer of salt department
Swarnadhyaksha Officer of gold department
Ayudhadhyaksha Weapon manufacturing & defence department.
Kunyadhyaksha Officer of forest.
Panyadhyaksha Office of commerce department
Manadhyaksha Office of time & place determining
Sunadhyaksha Slaughter-house officer
Mudradhyaksha Royal symbol, coin etc.
Dyutadhyaksha Gambling department
Naukadhyaksha Shipping department officer.
Pattanadhyaksha Officer of Port.

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