Officers of the Mughal Empire: Easy to Learn Compilation

In India, the Mughal Empire was one of the greatest empires ever. The Mughal Empire ruled hundreds of millions of people. India became united under one rule, and had very prosperous cultural and political years during the Mughal rule.

Departments under the Mughal Empire

Important Departments Functions
Diwan-i-Wazarat Department of revenue & finances
Diwan-i-Arz Military department
Diwan-i-Rasalatmuhtasib Foreign affairs department
Diwan-i-insha Custodian of govt. papers
Diwan-i-quza Justice department
Diwan-i-Barid Intelligence department
Diwan-i-Saman Department in charge of royal household

Akbar’s nine Jewels or Nav-Ratnas

Akbars Nine Jewels

Name Work
Abdul Rahim Translation of Babarnama into Persian; accorded Khan-i-Khanan title by Akbar.
Abul Fazl Akbarnama & Ain-i-Akbari
Birbal (Mahesh Dass) Witty advisor
Faizi Translated Leelawati into Persian
Hamim Humam Chief of royal school (pathashala)
Raja Man Singh Rajput general; aided emperor in Battle of Haldighati & against Afghans
Sheikh Mubarak The Brain behind Mahzar
Tansen Singer; known as Sangeet Samrat
Todar Mal Expertise in Land revenue, which was adopted by Akbar & Sher Shah

Officers of the Mughal Empire (Centre)

Central Officers Functions
Wazir Head of revenue department; but reduced power as compared to Sultanate
Diwan Responsible for all income and expenditure; control over Khalisa & Jagir
Mir Bakshi Headed military department, nobility, information and intelligence agencies
Mir Saman Incharge of imperial households (Karkhanas)
Diwan-i-Bayutat Maintained roads, govt. buildings
Mir Manshi Royal correspondence
Sadr-us-Sadr Incharge of charitable & religious endowments
Qazi-ul-Quzat Head of judicial department
Muhtasib Censor of public morals
Mushrif-i-Mumalik Accountant general
Mustauf-i-Mumalik Auditor general
Daroga-i-dak-chauki Officer in charge of imperial post
Mir-i-arz Officer in charge of petition
Waqia Navis News reporters

Officers of the Mughal Empire (Province)

Officer: Provincial Level Functions
Sipahsalar The Head executive
Diwan Incharge of revenue department
Bakshi Incharge of military department
Sadr Incharge of judicial department

Officers of the Mughal Empire (District)

Officer: District (Sarkar) level Functions
Fauzdar Administrative Head
Amal/Amalguzar Revenue collection
Kotwal Maintenance of law & order; trial of criminal cases; price regulation

Officers of the Mughal Empire (Pargana)

Officer: Pargana Functions
Shiqdar Administrative head; combined fauzdar & kotwal
Amin, Quanungo Revenue officials

Officers of the Mughal Empire (Village)

Officer: Village Functions
Muqaddam Headman
Patwari Accountant
CHowkidar Watchman

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Compiled by: Jishnu J Raju

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