How can smart aspirants like you clear UPSC Prelims ‘the smart way’?

Only serious aspirants clear UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview. UPSC exam demands hard work. But at the same time, hard work alone may not always help you clear IAS exam. Those who clear easily are those aspirants like you – who realize the importance of smart work!

What is smart work?

Smart work is doing great things the smart way. Smart work is using the right tools for right work. Smart worker completes the urgent and important task first and leave the rest for later.

What do smart aspirants do to clear UPSC Prelims?

  1. Smart aspirants enroll for a quality prelims mock test series early.
  2. They revise mock exams 2-3 times and evaluate their performance.
  3. They are never reluctant to invest on the right books and study materials.
  4. Smart aspirants look for free resources which explain difficult concepts in a simple language, often in a much better clarity than in textbooks (To give a hint – just read our article on ‘Balance of Payments).
  5. They look for clues from IAS toppers interviews.
  6. They plan their work and work their plan.

Clear UPSC Prelims The Smart Way - Clear IAS

Smart candidates don’t panic about vast syllabus or unfinished study materials!

At a time, when fellow aspirants are over-burdened with hundreds of textbooks, NCERT books, online/offline study materials and coaching materials, smart candidates chose their resources wisely. They don’t panic.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

Smart aspirants use the right tools

ClearIAS UPSC Prelims Test Series: Boost Your UPSC Prelims Score!

Right tools can save a lot of time. Smart aspirants focus on right guidance, right study materials, and right mock exams. They know their time is limited and cannot (and need not) study everything under the Sun. They seek the help of experts who can analyze UPSC trends. They utilize latest technologies like ClearIAS mobile app and ClearIAS mock exam platform which brings detailed performance analysis including their strong and weak areas.

Smart aspirants know what is to be expected at exam hall well before!

They look for clues from UPSC syllabus and previous year UPSC questions. Having taken and revised their mock tests well in advance, they will be well-prepared to face uncertainties and surprises in the exam hall.

Smart candidates don’t waste time, but they use their time!

They realize that time wasted pondering over wasted time is again time wasted. They study portion of the syllabus as per the cost-benefit and relative importance. For this, they seek help from websites like

And finally, smart people know that the time-remaining is enough to clear Prelims!

People who do smart work have self-belief. They know that the time available is enough to clear UPSC CSE Prelims if properly utilized. A smart IAS aspirant would pay more attention to their final goal and clear the examinations in flying colors spending less time, energy and money!

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