Good scores in UPSC Exams can now get you Private Sector Jobs too!

Government and UPSC have come up with a great news! In a first, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has decided to share online, the scores of candidates taking competitive exams. This is part of the government’s proposal to boost hiring by the private sector.

India will not lose the brain power of top candidates

UPSC to share scores online for private sector

Previously, the best brains in the country, who missed to get selection into Civil Services by a narrow margin had no other significant options.  But now, with the decision of UPSC to make the scores and profile of the top candidates in public domain, the opportunities for the bright resources have multiplied.

If a candidate reaches up to UPSC interview stage, he/she will now have greater employment opportunities


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The publicly available scores will act as a useful database to other employers to enable them to identify good, employable candidates, UPSC has said.

“The government and public sector undertakings conduct a number of recruitment examinations. So far, the scores in these examinations have been retained by the government. Hereafter, we will make available the results and the candidate information openly to all employers, wherever consent is given by the candidate. This will create a positive externality,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said.

New doors will open in private sector for candidates who are not recommended for public service jobs

job opportunities

The Commission has decided to disclose information like marks obtained and educational qualifications of candidates who appeared in the final stage of examination (interview) but were “not recommended”, it said.

Integrated Information System for Public Recruitment Agencies: New website being developed by NIC

NIC website for private sector jobs

The marks and details of the candidates will be linked to the Integrated Information System for Public Recruitment Agencies – a dedicated website being developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

As per the NIC proposal, each recruiting agency will develop its own web page.

Note: Results of government entrance examinations for engineering and medical colleges are already being used by private colleges for admissions.

What are the details that will be shared online?

Resume of UPSC candidates

Details like name, date of birth, category (whether SC, ST or physically handicapped) educational qualifications, total marks obtained in the written examination and interview based on which merit is formed, address, e-mail id and mobile number for only those candidates who have appeared in the final stage of examination but were not recommended will be made online for other recruitment agencies.

Candidates can either opt in or out of the disclosure scheme

UPSC will be making a provision in the application form so candidates can either opt in or out of the disclosure scheme.

“Necessary instructions to the candidates about the disclosure scheme will be provided in the Commission’s notice of all the examinations covered by this scheme,” it said.

Note: Candidates taking tests for recruitment to the armed forces and those applying for limited departmental competitive examinations and the Central Industrial Security Force will not be covered under the disclosure scheme.

It’s a NITI Ayog’s proposal – approved by the Central Government: Both candidates and Private Sector will benefit


The central government had last year approved a Niti Ayog proposal to make scores and ranking of candidates in recruitment examinations available through a portal for increasing access of the unemployed to job opportunities.

The move had come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in March last year said that scores of candidates taking competitive examinations will be shared with prospective employers to help them choose quality talent.


  • UPSC selects officers for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS) among others.
  • Another recruitment agency– Staff Selection Commission (SSC) — conducts examinations to select candidates for various government departments.

Whether candidates who went up to UPSC interview stages in previous years are covered under this scheme?

It’s not yet clear if candidates who missed the final selection into civil services in previous years will be benefitted by this scheme. Hopefully, the UPSC or the government may come with some measures to cover them too under the NIC portal.

It’s a great boost for serious candidates!

Get a job

There is no doubt that this will be a great morale booster for serious candidates. It’s a great confidence building measure too.

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