Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding World Geography – 1

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Only when studying becomes an enjoyable experience, we start to appreciate the beauty of each subject. The same is true with Geography. Geography is a wonderful subject where we see the mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans and people across the world. One way to generate interest in Geography is to think and imagine as if you are on a world tour appreciating the geographical features in different parts of the world. This post is also a humble attempt to raise interest in aspirants regarding geography. We are including certain interesting facts and figures regarding World Geography in this post. You may add more on the comments section below.

Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding World Geography

As a student of Geography, it is always advisable to find and remember all important physio-graphical divisions like mountains, lakes, rivers etc. in different parts of the globe. Every year, aspirants get 1-2 questions (like ‘match the following type questions’) connecting the basic geographical entities. Tip: Buy a good atlas, and familiarize with the names mentioned below.

  • Continents – 7 : (Based on Size) Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe, Australia
  • Oceans – 4 : (Based on Size) Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic
  • Continent with largest number of countries – Africa
  • Largest salt water lake – Caspian Sea (Europe)
  • Largest fresh water lake – L.Superior(N.America)
  • Continent without desert – Europe
  • Only active volcano in Europe – Mt.Etna
  • Atacama desert – South America
  • Amazon Rain-forest – South America
  • Niagra water falls – N.America
  • Iguasu water falls – S.America
  • Angel water falls -S.America
  • Alps – Europe
  • Atlas – Africa
  • Kilimanjaro – Africa
  • Apalachian – N.America
  • Rockies – N.America
  • Andes – S.America
  • Ural – Asia/Europe
  • Amazon – S.America
  • Nile – Egypt (Africa)
  • All major civilization in Asia, apart from Egyptian Civilization in Africa
  • Divisions of Asia – South Asia (SAARC – including India), South East Asia (ASEAN), Central Asia, West Asia, East Asia.
  • Tasmania – Part of Australia
  • Tanzania – In Africa
  • Laurazia – Asia, Europe, Greenland, N.America
  • Gondwanaland – India, Australia, Africa, Madagascar,S.America part of Gondwanaland
  • Number of Nations having membership in UN (193): Africa(54), Asia(47), Europe(43), N.America(23), Australia(14), S.America(12).
  • Nations without UN membership: Taiwan, Palestine*, Vatican City, Kosowa
  • European Union – 27 nations
  • Euro common currency – 17 nations
  • Antartica Treaty – 1959
  • Maranon and Ucayali – Rivers which makes Amazon
  • Cape Aagulas- Africa
  • Lowest place – Dead Sea
  • Lowest road- Highway 90
  • Marco Polo(1271AD) – Traveller from Venice
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