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Dimensions of EthicsEthics, as a branch of Philosophy, has multi-dimensions. It can be applied in many fields like environment, cyberspace, public sphere, international relations and so on. To understand the dimensions of ethics, we need to first understand the branches of ethics.

Dimensions of Ethics (Branches of Ethics)

Ethics is divided into four main branches. They are:

  1. Meta-Ethics (Ethics about Ethics)
  2. Prescriptive Ethics (Normative Ethics) – which is again divided into Deontological Ethics, Teleological Ethics, and Virtue Ethics.
  3. Descriptive Ethics (Comparative Ethics)
  4. Applied Ethics – again divided into Bio-ethics, Cyber Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Personal Ethics, Professional Ethics, Public Ethics, International Ethics and so on.

You may note that the most practical branch of ethics is Applied Ethics. Most of the dimensions (features) of ethics are discussed in the perspective of Applied Ethics.

Different Dimensions of Ethics – Differences ExplainedDimensions of Ethics (Branches of Ethics)

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