Fundamental Duties As Per Indian Constitution

Listing out Fundamental Duties mentioned in Indian Constitution edited to the central point.

Points to remember:
  • Article 51A – Article Mentioning about Fundamental Duties.
  • Added by 42 amendment(1976)
  • Originally 10 duties, 11th duty added in 2002(86th amendment)
  • Inspired from Russia.

Fundamental Duties

  1. Respect Constitution.
  2. Cherish Ideas of Freedom Struggle.
  3. Protect Unity of India.
  4. Defend the country.
  5. Brotherhood – stop ill-treatment of women.
  6. Preserve our heritage and culture.
  7. Protect our environment.
  8. Safeguard public property.
  9. Develop scientific temper.
  10. Excellence – Individually and Collectively.
  11. Education to child (6-14 years) by parent.
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