UPSC CSE Mains Model Questions: GS Paper 2 [30-Day AWP Compilation]

This is a compilation of the General Studies Paper 2 model questions we provided as part of ClearIAS 30-day Mains Answer Writing Program(AWP) 2016.

IAS Mains Model Questions: General Studies Paper 2

Aspirants who write mains are advised to go through these questions, answers written by other candidates, and the respective feedback from ClearIAS Team.
30-day Program for UPSC CSE Mains 2016.

  1. India’s performance in the new Health Index raises many questions. Evaluate reasons for poor performance of India in the health sector. Also give suggestions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to health. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  2. If concurrent Lok Sabha and Assembly elections were to be a reality, it would go against the political diversity essential for addressing the social diversity of India. Analyse this statement. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  3. The grievance redressal mechanism in a democratic set up is important for the sustenance of the system itself. Comment. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  4. Mobilization of resources in one major aspect the government has to keep in mind if India is to become a major global power. Explain. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  5. Standing by the Indus Water Treaty in challenging times is in India’s best interests. Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  6. No future for SAARC if cross border terrorism not wiped out. Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  7. While judiciary undoubtedly has the jurisdiction to determine the constitutionality of the ‘law’, the motives behind the law and the wisdom of the legislative body are not amenable to the judicial review. Discus. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  8. Pakistan has established itself as a global epicenter of terrorism. In the background of this, discuss the bilateral issues between India and Pakistan. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  9. The greatest enemy of India’s judiciary isn’t the government but its own secretive system. Discuss. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  10. Recently Government of India has revived the proposal to constitute an All-India Judicial Service (AIJS). Can AIJS solve the problems of Indian Judiciary? Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  11. India does not have to denounce non-alignment to follow its present foreign policy.
    Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  12. Once the dust of Brexit settles, India may be seen to be a net gainer and inflows would continue to gravitate towards the Indian shores. Critically analyse the possible effects of Brexit on India. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  13. Critically analyse India’s performance at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Briefly mention the future plan outlined by Niti Aayog. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  14. Is robotics and artificial intelligence putting the India’s labor-intensive IT business at the risk of obsolescence? Analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  15. In order to create the productive assets, the MGNREGA scheme should be converged with related programmes in the department of agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry and road transport. Comment. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  16. ‘If democracy has survived in India, it is because of the judiciary’. Critically analyse this statement.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  17. BRICS 2016 Summit was actually a huge success for India, despite China’s machinations. Comment.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  18. Analyse the potential and future of BIMSTEC grouping, specially from the point of view of India. Briefly discuss the challenges which prevent BIMSTEC from reaching its full potential.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  19. What do you mean by basic structure of Indian constitution? Briefly discuss the events which led to the evolution of basic structure of Indian Constitution.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  20. ‘As Indian development is held back by the threat of border conflict, high levels of spending diverted to defence, and insufficient infrastructure financing and foreign investment, the latest deployments in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh seek to irrationally exacerbate its problems’. Critically analyse the above statement in the background of India-China issues. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  21. Is it time to decriminalize beggary in India? Analyse if the decriminalization of beggary can improve the social situation of beggars in India in the backdrop of the draft plan of ‘The Persons in Destitution (Protection, Care and Rehabilitation) Model Bill, 2016’.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  22. Analyse the need for a new National Education Policy (NEP)? What are focus areas in the draft National Education Policy recently released by government?(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  23. Is it a good precedence by the Supreme Court to summon an ex-judge to appear before it to present his views as happened in Soumya murder case? Discuss. Is the summoning by SC in this case in contravention to Article 124(7) of Indian Constitution? Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  24. State the composition and functions of the International Court of Justice.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  25. United Nations Organisation (UNO) is undoubtedly the most influential global association, but it is not free from criticisms. Briefly discuss the criticisms of UNO mainly from sphere of morality, administration and effectiveness.(200 words – 12.5 marks)
  26. Decentralisation has fallen off the agenda. Huge structural reforms are needed in panchayati raj system. Comment. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  27. Compare the Indian constitutional scheme with United States of America. Is it time for India to adopt Presidential form of democracy? (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  28. Whether nexus between religious leaders and candidates is violation of the Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the People Act. Critically analyse. (200 words – 12.5 marks)
  29. Name a few dispute redressal mechanisms in case of issues between three organs of the state. Do you think the present mechanisms are sufficient for the efficient functioning of the democracy?  (200 words – 12.5 marks
  30. Discuss the importance of 42nd amendment of Indian Constitution. Trace its connection with the power of Judicial review.  (200 words – 12.5 marks)

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