UPSC CSE Mains Model Questions: GS Paper 3 [50-Day HVAW Compilation]

This is a compilation of the GS Paper 3 model questions we provided as part of our 50-day Mains High Value Answer Writing (HVAW) Test Series in 2014. We will also be releasing the compilation of the GS Paper 3 model questions in the ClearIAS 30-day Mains Answer Writing Program(AWP) 2016 soon.

IAS Mains Model Questions: General Studies Paper 3

Model Questions for UPSC CSE Main Exam

  1. What were the main proposals of Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC)? What are the criticisms against the proposals?
  2. Explain the different stages in a Disaster Management Cycle. What are the major areas vulnerable to disasters in India? Analyse Disaster Management capabilities of India.
  3. Though reduction of interest rates is necessary to revive the industrial sector, RBI is hesitant to bring a major change soon. Analyse the monitory policy justifications for the same.
  4. Integration of North East Indian states with the Indian mainland is showing positive signs since last decade. Critically analyse.
  5. What is the scope of India as a food processing hub? What are the upstream and downstream requirements in a food processing industry?
  6. Discuss about Distinguish between web 2.0 and web 3.0.
  7. Analyze the present status of India in the domain of food security. Also explain the cropping pattern in India.
  8. What is Montreaux record? Explain the wise use concept and three pillars in Ramsar commitments
  9. Comment on the external security threats to India. What are the external state as well as non state actors creating challenges to India’s internal security?
  10. Digital India is a concept which has more to do with the Indian poor than with the elite.
  11. What is money laundering? Analyse the steps taken by Government of India to prevent money laundering.
  12. What do you mean by Technology missions? Discuss the technology missions initiated by Indian government?
  13. Distinguish between investment-led growth and consumption-led growth? Comment on the investment model India should adopt considering its huge population and future aspirations.
  14. Though India is yet to arrive as a technology nation, Indians were known for some significant inventions and discoveries in the past. List out the major achievements of Indians in the field of science and technology in the ancient and medieval period.
  15. Elaborate the current Patenting regime in India. What are the reforms that can be brought in related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? Analyze.
  16. To assure internal and external security, India has different lines of security forces. Write a short note on the various security forces of India and assess if the strength is adequate enough to meet the challenges.
  17. The gap between Petrol and Diesel Prices is gradually decreasing, as India is moving towards diesel de-regulation. Examine the policy of diesel de-regualtion and find out the negative and positive impacts of the same on Indian economy.
  18. What do you mean by supply chain management? Identify the bottlenecks faced by food processing sector in India.
  19. Write a short note on the agenda and domain of action of the major national and international organizations in the field of Biodiversity conservation?
  20. Agricultural markets in most parts of the country are regulated under the state APMC Acts. Write a short note on APMCs and list out the reform measures.
  21. Trace India’s development in space technology in the last 50 years.
  22. Considering the rate of global warming, climate change is almost certain. Analyze how India can adapt to changing climate. What are the steps taken by the Government of India in this direction?
  23. What are the major rivers in India facing the threat of river pollution? Examine the steps taken by the government to curb the human actions resulting in deterioration of the quality of river water. How successful were they?
  24. Write a short note on Invest India. Analyze the objectives of Make in India initiative.
  25. What are the four main monetary aggregates of measures of money supply which reflect the state of the monetary sector?
  26. Analyze the budgetary provisions and allocation to Science and Technology in 2014 budget. Are we spending enough to emerge as a Technology nation?
  27. What is the importance of Consumer Price Index in the inflation measurement of our country? What were the changes brought in terms of base year and sub-series of CPI in last 2 years?
  28. What were the functions performed by the planning commission? Of the functions which need to continue to be performed, which should be retained in the new institution and which can be located in other existing bodies? Explain with reasons.
  29. List out the overlapping areas of functions between Finance Commission and Planning Commission if any. What were the major recommendations of 13th Financial Commission?
  30. What are the sanctioned and planned Dedicated Freight Corridors in India? Examine the need for Dedicated Freight Corridor Projects in India.
  31. Analyse the reasons for the fear about Genetically Modified Crops in India. Discuss the organisational set-up dealing with sanctions on field trails of genetically modified crops. What was the latest status of moratoriums introduced on GM crops?
  32. Repeated accidents in the defense sector, particularly in Indian Navy are a serious concern. Examine this crisis in India’s defense preparedness.
  33. The Indian economy bears a striking resemblance to the South Korean economy of 1970s and a few vital steps to boost manufacturing should set the country on a high-growth path. Examine how India can adopt Korea model to boost manufacturing.
  34. Discuss briefly the recent issues or confrontations of India on Trade Facilitation Agreement, Food Security and Intellectual property rights with WTO.
  35. What was the significance of Bodo Accord in Indian Internal Security? Analyze possible solutions to the issues associated with Bodo Accord.
  36. What are antioxidants and phytochemicals? What are the health benefits of the same?
  37. The LiFi opens a new era in wireless data without electromagnetic pollution, without saturation of bandwidth with a cost to much lower than WiFi installation. Analyze the positives and negatives of LiFi technology.
  38. Starting from the very first home built Aryabhata satellite, launched from Russia in April 1975, Indians have come a long way in space research. List out major achievements of India in space research.
  39. Everyone including big companies to lakhs of small retailers are unsatisfied with online retailing in India, except consumers. Critically analyze.
  40. The strength of the Indian economy is that it is bank driven economy. Critically analyze this statement.
  41. Correcting problems in coal and gas sectors is one of the primary steps to be taken to get the Indian economy back on growth track. Comment.
  42. What is meant by Integrated Pest Management? What are the mandates of Central Integrated Pest Management Centers?
  43. What do you mean by convertibility of Indian Rupee? Analyze if capital account convertibility is a determinant for foreign flows or exports to grow.
  44. Explain the differences between the below technologies mentioning the salient features. (a) EDGE (b) UMTS (c) HSDPA (d) HSPA (e) LTE.
  45. Higgs field is not the universal giver of mass to everything in the universe. Substantiate this statement connecting standard particle model and recently discovered Higgs Boson particle.
  46. Compare the main Navigation Satellite Systems in the world. Evaluate the progress in implementation of IRNSS.
  47. Compare and contrast the three terms – B2B, B2G and B2C
  48. The WPI, which tracks wholesale prices, has been seen as somewhat flawed. What are the reasons? How can PPI fill these short comings?
  49. Write a short note on the inclusiveness Programs mentioned in the 12th Five year plan.
  50. Analyze India’s Primary deficit and interest payment burden in the backdrop of Indian Budget 2014-15.

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