Clear IAS Launches Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series for FREE!

If you are confused what to do after your Prelims, you may read our the article ‘Prelims over! What next‘. Irrespective of your chances of clearing Prelims, all aspirants are advised to wet their feet in the waters of UPSC Mains Exam Preparation for the next 3 months. UPSC Civil Services Mains examination is an entirely different platform when compared to Prelims. Mains is a written test and the platform is bigger when compared to Prelims. There is a detailed syllabus, and there are nine papers in the exam. Papers for which marks are counted for final ranking include 1 essay paper, 4 general studies papers and 2 optional papers. There are also 2 other papers which are only qualifying in nature. Being one level above Prelims, to clear IAS mains, one require different strategies than those adopted for Prelims. But most aspirants, including those who score really high in Prelims are unsure about how to prepare for mains.

What matters is not your knowledge, but how well you perform in the Exam hall!

Irrespective your degrees, knowledge and skills what speaks about you in a UPSC mains exam is your answer sheet. The examiner does not know you; he has access to only your answer booklet and nothing else, and he evaluates each candidate based on what is presented in the answer sheet. So it is extremely important to frame your answers in the most impressive way, within the prescribed time limit. Knowledge about framing high quality answers in mains exam is necessary to make your answer sheets stand out. And to make high value answers, proper answer writing practice is advised.

Proper answer writing practice, good understanding of the latest UPSC syllabus and familiarity of current topics are important prerequisites of clearing IAS mains in flying colors. It is with this aim of equipping aspirants with the latest requirements of UPSC mains exam that we are launching today, Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series. Take the best out of it!

Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series

Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series

Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series includes 5 questions in each post, every day. Each of the 5 questions are planned to be from 5 different papers mentioned in UPSC Mains syllabus like Essay, GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4 (ethics). Selected questions of high probability to be asked UPSC mains are included in each of these mini tests. Aspirants can select any question they wish to answer in the comment space provided below, specifying the question number and question topic.

Rules and Regulations: Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing

  • Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series is completely free.
  • There is no need of registration.
  • In actual UPSC exam, the maximum time you get for each question if there are 25 questions is around 7 minutes. Here, since the test series is for answer writing practice, there is no time limit, but try to finish each GS question within less than 15 minutes.
  • Try to stick to the word limit mentioned for each question.
  • Don’t copy from online sources or books directly. During the initial stages, you are advised to read some materials related to the question before answering. Then in the next 15 minutes you may start answering in your own words, without looking any reference materials in between.
  • Team, successful candidates in previous mains as well as fellow aspirants who take part in the Answer Writing Practice may comment/suggest corrections to your answers.
  • Every one who comment in this platform are asked to use constructive criticism and refrain from using abusive language.
  • You can access archives of Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series from the hyperlink. Aspirants are advised to check the model answers and feedback given for previous entries to write better answers.
  • In case, if you wish to participate at a bigger level by contributing articles to as a guest contributor, check ‘Write Articles – Win Prizes! Contest‘. Though both programs help to polish your writing skills, Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series is question-focused while the ‘Write Articles – Win Prizes! Contest’ is topic-focused.
  • We wish to post regularly at 8 pm evening every day. If we are not getting enough response from serious candidates, we may drop the Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series without any advance notice.
  • Though we wish to do, but as we don’t have enough resources to give feedback in all languages permitted by UPSC (around 23), the official feedback from ClearIAS Team would be in English. However aspirants are free to write in this program in any language they choose for the UPSC main exam. You might get feedback from fellow aspirants/veternans/toppers.
  • Participate in the Mains Answer Writing Test Series on a regular basis by commenting. You may benefit from valuable inputs from the comments and feedbacks of other serious participants. Knowledge sharing greatly helps in mains and interview preparation.
  • The motive behind this initiative – Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series – is to provide proper guidance for serious UPSC civil services aspirants regarding the requirements of mains exam. Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series will be designed in such a way as to cover almost all relevant topics for UPSC mains within the next few months. All the best!

PS : Check the first day questions of Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series by following the hyperlink.

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