Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series – 4 (GS4)

We deeply appreciate the interest and enthusiasm shown by our regular participants and readers in the free full length series. We have already covered full length tests on GS1GS2 and GS3. This mock test is on ethics paper (GS4). Most of the questions are taken from the previous case studies published in our website. Questions from UPSC sample question paper are also included.

Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series – 4 (GS4)

Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Tests

Instructions: There are 14 questions. Questions other than case studies should be attempted in 150 words and carries 10 marks each. Case studies carry 25 marks.

  1. What do you understand by ‘ Ethical Human Conduct’? In what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally competent?
  2. If bureaucrats did their duty, there would be no scams : Comment.
  3. Under the recent instances of gang rape and murder do you think more stringent punishments for heinous crimes involving juveniles as the need of the hour? Does the JJ acts needs amendment? Substantiate your opinion.
  4. How are Nolan committee recommendations related to values of public servants? Explain.
  5. What do you understand by the following terms ? Point out their specific relevance in public service;
    (i) Intellectual integrity.
    (ii) Empathy.
    (iii) Perseverance.
    (iv) Spirit of service.
  6. Which great Indian personality has inspired you the most as a role model and how have you been able to benefit in your own life by such an inspiration?
  7. (a) Analyse the significance of Aristotelian ethics in contemporary world – 10 marks (b) What is the difference between aptitude and attitude? What are the components of attitude? – 10 marks.
  8. (a) What is the relation between Corporate governance and ethics? Substantiate your view point with an example. (10 marks) (b) What is the difference between probity and integrity? Will efficiency and day to day work be compromised if one stick to code of ethics? (10 marks)
  9. [Case Study] You have been working with your team for almost a year. One of your subordinates Mr. A is very effective and hard working, he takes responsibility and gets things done. However, you have heard that Mr. A makes loose comments about women. Mrs X who is working under A, comes to you, she is visibly disturbed. She tells you that Mr. A has been making undue advances towards her and has even asked her to go out for dinner with him. She wants to give a written complaint seeking action against Mr. A. What would you do and why?
  10. [Case study] You are the entrance exam commissioner for conducting Medical Entrance Tests. As per Government norms a few seats are reserved for students from economically backward sections. The criteria for economic backwardness is family income. Those students whose family income is below 4 lakhs per annum, based on merit, will qualify for the mentioned seats. Students are asked to declare their family income while filing application.When you published the final rank list after the exam, you get a call from the concerned minister. He presents before you a special case of his relative. While filing the application, his relative gave family income declaration as 6 Lakhs as his parent was working then. But two months after filing the application the parent retired from service and now the family income is only 3 lakh per annum. The student is bright, but will get admission only if gets the economic backwardness quota. The Minister asks you not to stick too much to rules and give the benefit of family income to the student, by treating this as a special case.  Is there any thing unethical in the minister’s demand? What will be your approach to this case?
  11. [Case Study] You are in a top administrative position in a state. You have a loving family – wife and son being the other members. You have reputation of commitment towards work and public service. You love your son so much and have high regard for the bright future for him. Your son got an offer to study abroad when he was around 18, and when it was only weeks left for his travel, on a pleasure trip in car with his friends, he accidentally ran over a pedestrian. It was your son who drove the car and as per his friends he was under mild influence of alcohol. The pedestrian was killed, and you are shocked to hear the news. You are not sure if  your son can handle the subsequent mental torture by police and court proceedings. The victim’s relatives who utilize the situation to earn some quick money approach you and offer to settle the case without much complications and court proceedings, if you give them 10 lakh rupees.You are now in an ethical dilemma that, if you move as per the legal course, it will take time for a solution. As there was fault with his son, there is every chance that the verdict will be negative to him. Besides he will lose his higher education possibilities in US. The pedestrian who got killed, as per his relatives, was a nuisance to the society when he was alive, and there are not many who weep over his death. They are happy to close the case for the mentioned amount. In this situation, What are the options available to you? Evaluate each of these options and choose the option which you would adopt, giving reasons.
  12. [Case Study] You have grown up with X, who has been your best friend since childhood. You have shared your joys and sorrows and have been each other’s confidante. Both of you are in your final year graduation and writing your final exams. In the exam you notice that your friend is copying and cheating a lot. What would you do and why?
  13. [Case Study] You are posted as the Medical Superintendent of a District level Govt Hospital which caters to the need of poor patients from surrounding rural areas along with the local people from the district town. As such the hospital has very good infrastructure and adequate equipment to cater to this need. It also receives sufficient funds to meet the recurring expenditure. In-spite of this there have been repeated complaints particularly from the patients which include the following:
    (i) Very poor maintenance and un-hygienic conditions in hospital premises.
    (ii) The hospital staff frequently demanding bribes from the patients for the services rendered.
    (iii) The negligent attitude of the Doctors resulting in times of casualties.
    (iv) Siphoning of a substantial stock of medicine by the staff and selling it out.
    (v) Strong nexus between the senior Doctors of the hospital and the owners of local private nursing homes and testing labs as a result of which the patients are strongly misled and dissuaded from availing the hospital facilities and rather compelled to purchase costly medicines from market and get medical tests and even operations done from private medical houses.
    (vi) There also exist a notorious employee union which puts undue pressure and resents any reformative step by the administration. Ponder over the situation and suggest effective ways to tackle each of the above mentioned problem.
  14. [Case Study] You are a strong religious believer since childhood and have been an active participant in your religious institution. When you grew up, you became the administrative authority in the locality where the religious institution belongs. One day your superior informs you that the mentioned religious institution is an illegal construction on a government property and needs to be demolished. You are shocked to hear this and upon verification found the information passed by your superior is true. You, like thousands visiting the place, have emotional attachment to the institution. Your personal ethics and religious values are holding you back from taking the initiative to demolish the illegal construction, but your profession demands so. Besides, you fear the destruction of such an institution may fuel communal violence.Being born in a religious family, it’s not easily digestible for you to carry the tag of ‘demolisher of one’s own religious institution’. You fear that the act will turn you against your own community. This situation pulls you into an emotional and ethical dilemma. Is the above case a conflict between personal ethics and professional ethics? What will be your response?


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