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In UPSC Civil Services Exam, because of the tight competition, even 1 mark counts. Clear IAS Team is happy that our convictions turned right on many occasions and there were lot many direct and indirect questions in actual UPSC exam from Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing ProgramClear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Tests and Clear IAS free online study materials. Here is the comparison of questions with official UPSC Mains 2014 GS4 Paper.

Questions from which appeared in UPSC Mains 2014 GS4 Paper

Role Model

  • [Clear IAS Qn ] Who do you think as your role model? Briefly explain the reasons for the same.  (Answer Writing Series -34)
  • [Clear IAS Qn ] Which great Indian personality has inspired you the most as a role model and how have you been able to benefit in your own life by such an inspiration? (Free Mock Test)
  • [UPSC 2014 Question – 4 (a)] – (a) Which eminent personality has inspired you the most in the context of ethical conduct in life? Give the Gist of his/her teachings. Giving specific examples describe how you have been able to apply these teachings for your own ethical development.

Probity and Integrity

  • [Clear IAS Qn] –  What is the difference between probity and integrity? Will efficiency and day to day work be compromised if one stick to code of ethics? (Mock Test)
  • [UPSC 2014 Qn] – What do you understand by ‘probity’ in public life? What are the difficulties in practicing it in the present times? How can these difficulties be overcome? (

Safety of Women

  • [Clear IAS Qn] –  Are women safe in India? (Answer Writing – Essay  – 27th Day)
  • [UPSC 2014 Qn] –  We are witnessing increasing instances of sexual violence against women in the country. Despite existing legal provisions against it, the number of such incidences is on the rise. Suggest some innovative measures to tackle this menace.

Environment vs Development

  • [Clear IAS Qn] – Environment vs development debate. (Answer writing, essay, Day 29)
  • [UPSC 2014 Qn] – Now-a-days, there is an increasing thrust on economic development all around the globe. At the same time, there is also an increasing concern about environmental degradation caused by development. Many a time, we face a direct conflict between development activity and environmental quality. It is neither feasible to stop or curtail the developmental process, nor it is advisable to keep degrading the environment, as it threatens our very survival. Discuss some feasible strategies which could be adopted to eliminate this conflict and which could lead to sustainable development. (250 Words) (20 M) – Case Study


  • [Clear IAS Qn] – Analyze the new trends in migration of Indian population? Trace the reasons.  (Answer writing, GS1, Day 10)
  • [UPSC 2014 Qn] – In our country, the migration of rural people to towns and cities is increasing drastically. This is causing serious problems both in the rural as well as in the urban areas. In fact, things are becoming really unmanageable. Can you analyze this problem in detail and indicate not only the socio-economic but also the emotional and attitudinal factors responsible for this problem? Also, distinctly bring out why – (a) educated youth are trying to shift to urban areas (b) landless poor people are migrating to urban slums (c) even some farmers are selling off the, land and trying to settle in urban areas taking , petty jobs.
    What feasible steps can you suggest which will be effective in controlling this serious problem of our country? (250 words) (20 M) – Case Study

Right Guidance! Right Selections!

One can give some 5000+ questions and 10,000+ page study material and claim that many questions in actual UPSC exam came from their database. But Clear IAS took a focused and simple path. Our materials were small in size. We provided only around 75 questions each for GS1, GS2, and GS3. There were 54 essay topic selections and 64 questions for GS4 (Ethics) paper. Our online study materials, provided a guidance for note preparation on the important topics, but these too were never long or heavy.

Our aim was to help our readers to catch fish and not give fish directly. But still, because of our focused approach, our mock tests and study-materials provided many direct questions to our readers. In-spite of the new trend of analytical questions by UPSC, many of our convictions turned right. On a quick look, we find that 5 questions out of 14 (for 70 marks out of 250) which were asked in UPSC exam 2014 were very close to the topics asked by For those who participated in Clear IAS Mains High Value Answer Writing Test Series under our Prelims cum Mains Integrated approach, even the other questions should have turned manageable. Clear IAS Team feel proud and satisfied, and now it’s over to our readers and students! :-)

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