UPSC Civil Services 2012 General Studies Mains Paper 2 Analysis

UPSC Civil Services 2012 General Studies Mains (Paper 2) held on Oct 5, 2012 was really general in all senses. On the likes of paper 1, questions asked were not that tough. The key to high score in a general paper is to make your paper stand out by including maximum relevant points in your answer.

IAS Mains Exam 2012 GS Paper 2 Analysis

Areas under GS Paper 2 as per syllabus:

  1. India and the World (Foreign Relations)
  2. India’s Economic Interaction with the World
  3. Developments in the Field of Science & Technology, IT and space
  4. International Affairs and Institutions
  5. Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams

Analysis of 2012 IAS Mains Exam Questions: GS Paper 2 (25 markers)

As expected the 25 mark questions (5 no.s) had more stress of current national and international  issues. See the questions asked:
  • China as trading partner + Border Issues
  • Impact of Globalization of R&D in India+ Example(IT/Health)
  • Issues in Nepal
  • Plant Genomics in Hunger Alleviation
  • Indus Water Treaty – Latest Analysis

Analysis of UPSC 2012 questions of GS Paper 2  (5- 15 markers)

  • Indian Diaspora – New Diaspora vs Old Diaspora
  • Reasons for poverty in African and South Asian Countries
  • Impact of Putin’s return in Russia vs West
  • Convention on Biological Diversity + FAO Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources For Food and Agriculture
  • Millennium Development Goals + concerns
  • Negative impact of US protectionist measures on India’s Software Industry
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies – commercial surrogacy
  • Failure of International Trade as Engine of Growth
  • Doping – Example of Doping Drugs + Uses
  • Curiosity
  • US – Iran problems vs India -Iran Relations
  • Permaculture
  • Sequoia Super computer
  • G8+5 group
  • Human Papiloma virus vaccine
  • India + South China Sea
  • Environment Sustainability + Sustainable Development of People
  • Clean Development Mechanism + UNFCCC
  • Statistics

Summary of IAS Mains Exam 2012 GS Paper 2

It should be noted that basic economy was absent in both paper 1 and paper 2 of GS paper. Knowledge of International Affairs and Foreign Relations was crucial in GS Paper 2, 2012. Also the weightage in Paper 2 had seen an increase in environment and science and technology areas. But all together the paper should sound easy for a well read person.
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