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ClearIAS as a self-study package for IAS exam preparation has been creating study materials which are free, simple and easy to learn. Due to popular demand, we are providing an all-in-one destination for downloading the most important study materials published in for free.

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Indian History: must-read notes


Ancient India

Medieval India

Modern India

Geography: must-read notes

Physcial Geography

Human Geography

Economics: must-read notes

Basic Concepts

Monetary Policy

Fiscal Policy

Indian Economy – Sectors

Primary (Agriculture) Sector

Secondary (Industrial) Sector

Tertiary (Service) Sector

Foreign Trade

Planning and Federalism

Government Schemes

Financial Market – Money Market and Capital Market



Economic Survey and Latest Data

World Economy

Current Economy

Indian Polity: must-read notes

Indian Constitution (basics)

Indian Constitution (topics in the same order)

Polity concepts

Constitution in depth!

Policies, Bills and Acts (Statutes)


Science and Technology: must-read notes

Environment: must-read notes

Current Affairs: must-read notes

World History: must-read notes

Indian Society: must-read notes

India’s foreign relations: must-read notes

International affairs: must-read notes

Disaster Management: must-read notes

Internal Security: must-read notes

Ethics: must-read notes

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Guidance for Prelims and Mains

  1. A Note Before You Begin IAS Preparation or Coaching.
  2. Smart Work for IAS Preparation.
  3. Strategy and Books for Early Birds To Clear IAS Exam.
  4. How to clear Civil Services prelims?
  5. How can smart aspirants like you clear UPSC Prelims ‘the smart way’?
  6. 5 reasons why you should take more UPSC Prelims mock tests
  7. Civil Service Prelims: 6 Month Strategy – Part 1.
  8. Civil Service Prelims: 6 Month Strategy – Part 2.
  9. How much time will it take to clear IAS prelims?
  10. IAS Books for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation.
  11. Strategy and Study Plan for Clearing IAS Mains Exam.
  12. How to clear Civil Services mains?
  13. How To Select IAS Mains Optional As Per The Latest UPSC Syllabus?
  14. How To Write A Good Essay In Civil Service Mains Exam?
  15. Prelims cum Mains Integrated approach to clear IAS.

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