Economics Notes Which You Shouldn’t Miss!

This post is a compilation of the most viewed notes on economics and Indian economy, which we feel you shouldn’t miss. Beginners may treat this link as an index/sitemap for economics section. If you are looking for the full database of all of our articles on economics, browse our economics notes category.

Most Viewed Articles Under Economics Section


Basic Concepts

Monetary Policy

Fiscal Policy

Indian Economy – Sectors

Primary (Agriculture) Sector

Secondary (Industrial) Sector

Tertiary (Service) Sector

Foreign Trade

Planning and Federalism

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Government Schemes

Financial Market – Money Market and Capital Market



Economic Survey and Latest Data

World Economy

Current Topics

How To Study Economics?

economics The above mentioned order of posts follows the an order ideal for easy comprehension and understanding. We have followed a simple and lucid language throughout. Also, real-life examples are provided, which we feel help all our readers to understand concepts faster. If you are looking for specific guidance for economics/economy for IAS exam, refer our post – How to Prepare Economy for Civil Services Exam?

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What should you understand by the term ‘Economy’?

Aspirants often call this section as Economics. There are others who call this section as Indian Economy. But the exact wordings from UPSC Prelims syllabus are as “Economic and Social Development, Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc. Question to test the economics fundamentals are also asked, but most of the questions revolve around topics like Inflation, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy etc.

Books to study Economics

  1. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh.
  2. Economic Survey.
  3. India Year Book.
  4. Indian Economy Since Independence – Uma Kapila.
  5. Indian Economy – Datt and Sundaram.

Additional Books to study Indian Economy for IAS Mains

  1. Indian Economy – Sanjeev Varma.
  2. Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri.
  3. Indian Economy – Performance and Policies – Uma Kapila.
  4. March of Indian Economy.

Our approach and advice!

As Economy section for UPSC exam is more current affairs oriented, no one can guarantee any text book as complete. Ideally, one should have atleast one book on Indian Economy plus the latest economic survey. Also, the latest budget should be properly analysed. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) is a magazine which can be suggested as a good read. The best way to start is by understanding basic concepts, thinking and asking questions. We hope our free online resources on economics would be a good starting point.

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